The way many organisations do Data-Driven Decision Making is fundamentally flawed. The fallacies of the human mind teach us what type of data projects we should focus on, and how they can truly help us.

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Behavioural economics has taught us that the human mind is plagued by systematic biases. We should trust our intuitions for natural, human activities but we are evolved to naturally intuit on complex business decisions. Some people may have developed true Zen-like ‘no-mind’ intuition from 10,000+ hours dedicated to a complex craft with a constant feedback loop. However, most of us should first…

With some SQL in dbt, and Power M & DAX in Power BI, we can give business end-users more flexibility when analysing marketing attribution data.


Marketing attribution is the analysis by which we attribute a marketing event (e.g. a potential customer attending one of your webinars) to a desired outcome (e.g. a sale of your product). We want to know how much the marketing event contributed towards the outcome; for instance, how much of the sale in monetary value can be attributed back to the marketing event. …

Help Scout is a useful customer support platform, that allows you to track your interactions with your clients. Help Scout has an API allowing you to access all of your organisation’s data. Off-the-shelf solutions for Help Scout data extraction & loading exist yet can be expensive.

At Octopus Labs, Kaustav Mitra and I developed an open source Help Scout data extraction package in Python that…

Alex Garcia

Data: from source to solution @ Octopus Investments. Opinions are my own.

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